Greatest Illustrator artworks I love Part One

Yukio Miyamoto – Masters of Adobe Illustrator

Yukio Miyamoto has been using and abusing Adobe Illustrator since the biginning of time (well, since the late ’80s at least.). Professional Artist Yukio Miyamoto’s artwork is showcased and sample throughout the book.Yukio’s artwork has appeared in a number of books, from design books. Yukio has trained thousands of people in all areas of graphics for the Mac and win.

His illustrator works for instrument and object are amazing. The result looks like photo effect which is hard to believe is made by vector illustration.

His mucha are also sooo beautiful. If he could make a Tarot card, I will definitely collect it.

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Max Kostenko

A very talent illustrator lives in Moscow, Russia. He creates a lots of stunning cartoon characters which you can’t forget after seeing them.

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Sveta Dorosheva

Her beautiful fairy-tale and Calligraphy illustration just stole my heart.

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Andreas Krapf

a super talent illustrator from German.

His works always shows a very interesting stories. He tweet’s some fairy tale story into his version which gives them a new life. Very creative !!!

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