Feminine and Cute Design Website

Pretty and cute is definitely my cup of tea. I love butterfly, flourish background, cute icon and illustration thing.

Photo gallery websites for inspiration

Sometimes or maybe most of the time, we are looking for something can inspire you, but when you walk the same road everyday, meet the same the people and do the same things you have done million times. Where do you find something really inspiring.

Greatest Illustrator artworks I love Part One

I always worship people who can play instrument or drawing. This post is about some greatest illustrator I found around world. The option is very objective and just represent my point of view.


To be brave to put some colours that you will never think to put them together. But you know what they will surprise you. Think hard in your head is not gonna work, you need to get a tool. Photocopa – to create a color palette from the picture you like. Not bad! ┬áIt’s just a small part of COLORlovers.com Create a color palette yourself, then you can create patten

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Hand-picked best free wordpress theme

Hand picked some best wordpress theme and most important thing is. It’s free. They look clean, professional, with lots of extra functions as well.


Free image editing software. GIMP is similar to photoshop and the best is it’s free to use.

Some CSS Tricks

Some small and common css trick to remember, by the way I gave up on IE6 now, so don’t really care whether the style it will work on IE6 or not.

Voucher and Coupon Websites

Before you buy any thing online, there are some websites you should checkout first. They may be able to provide you some discount or free delivery.

Popular Tutorial Blog

Hand picked best Tutorial blog

Little excitement after shopping in Oasis

Haven’t shop in Oasis for ages. Today I walked pass by, and the big sales sign dragged me in.

IE tester

Test your design in different version of IE can be a pain. IE tester is excellent tool to test your design from IE5.5 to IE8 under Window 7, Visa and XP. The software works like other broswers, but give you the option to open a browser under certain version of IE. Most important it’s free.


TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user a lot of features

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